June 28, 2024

"She broke into my home twice, had me followed, and is trying to extort money from me"

Afro-Soul DJ Sinethemba 'Mr Malungelo' Nyawo denies ever laying a hand on his ex lover
Picture: Supplied

Award-winning Afro-Soul DJ and Music producer Sinethemba Malungelo Nyawo, best known as Mr Malungelo Sir is being accused by an ex-lover, of alleged physical abuse. The ex, Zingisa Nxasana allegedly leaked an image of her bleeding, claiming to have been assaulted by Mr Malungelo Sir. 


The musician has since denied the allegations, claiming that Nxasana was the one who abused him during their relationship which lasted a year. "She was abusive, she used to hit me, she was physical, and I never fought back." Mr. Malungelo Sir told ZiMoja that he had too much to lose and would never lay a hand on a woman. "Why would I destroy everything I have worked so hard to build by abusing a woman? I have never touched that woman, instead, she abused me the entire time we were together, cheated on me but as a man, all I could do was walk away," he said.


Mr Malungelo Sir also alleged that when he walked away from the relationship, Nxasana tried to extort money from him. "She and her sister tried to get me to pay for things. They also demanded R300 000 from me. She lied to people saying I proposed to her. I never did, I didn't pay lobola, we just dated, when she became too much, I broke up with her," he said. 


Mr Malungelo Sir also accused Nxasana of breaking into his home after they broke up. "I live in an estate; she gained access and broke into my home through the window carrying a knife. She hurt herself with glass from the window and claimed I hit her. It's all lies," he said. "She broke into my place twice; security has the footage. I opened a case at the Muldersdrift Police Station, and she was arrested and let out on bail." Malungelo says he has been receiving life-threatening messages. "She sends me messages saying she will kill me. She once had me followed and said the people following me would kill me." He said all this is to try and make him take her back, "I will not take her back, I left her because she cheated, I caught her and dumped her. This is no way of trying to win me over. I loved her, I took care of her because she was unemployed. She claims to know gangsters from Soweto who will deal with me. That is fine, let the court deal with her. But I will not let her taint my name, my image, and my hard work." Nxasana will appear Krugersdorp Magistrate court on 12 July. "My lawyers will handle the matter, I don't even want to speak to her directly," he concluded. Nxasana dropped the phone when she heard the name ZiMoja.

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