June 29, 2024

Portia Modise gives a talk on the effects of drugs

Portia Modise becomes Clinix ambassador
Picture: Supplied

Former Banyana Banyana footballer and Clinix ambassador, Portia Modise was part of a dialogue to mark World Drug Day in Soweto on Wednesday 26 June. She opened up about dodging drug addiction and the effects alcohol has on the youth.




Portia was part of the Clinix Health Group's newly launched awareness campaign about substance use disorders and Addiction to educate and inform young people who are most at risk of using drugs. She was unveiled as one of the three ambassadors of the campaign, alongside former Kaizer Chiefs and current TS Galaxy Star Player, Bernard Parker and Long Jump Olympic Silver Medalist, Luvo Manyonga. Due to Portia seeing fellow footballers and friends perish from the use of drugs and excessive use of alcohol, she said. "I come from a community of poor people, who find answers and comfort in drugs and alcohol to deal with their trauma. This needs to stop," she says. "We all have uncles and aunts who are known to drink, and we have come to accept it as something normal in our society, and it's not."




Since she retired from football, Portia has devoted her time to community youth development initiatives, especially for women's football and education. She was fortunate not to use any illicit drugs and substances during and post her illustrious career, but she acknowledges that she was in many vulnerable and volatile environments that could've easily made her slip through the crack. "This campaign is not only about substance abuse but about mental health," she says. "I believe that if I wasn't strong-willed throughout my career, I could've easily been broken by the cruel and harsh realities of our football." She adds that many athletes use illegal substances for various reasons, and some are not even aware of how it will impact them in the long run. "Mental health is one of those reasons because sometimes some of the athletes take these substances to make them feel relaxed and calm." She has learned to deal with her own trauma, positively. "It's easy to throw in the towel and give up, but with counselling, and allowing one to go through pain when needed, I have been able to deal with my own mental issues."

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