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June 13, 2024

Omuhle Gela gets a lip job

Omuhle Gela gets lip surgery
Picture: Supplied

Going under the knife has become common among South African celebrities. From Brazilian Butt Lifts, liposuction, breast implants and teeth veneers, stars are not shy about a little help from their surgeons. The latest to join the pack is reality TV star, actress and influencer Omuhle Gela who has shared her journey with getting lip neutralization surgery.



It is procedure that helps to enhance or change the colour of one's lips. People with melanin-rich skin and other illnesses or those who smoke can be affected by having dark lips or the upper lip colour is different from the lower. Whatever the cause may be for darker lips, the Lip Neutralization technique evens out and lightens the lips. This procedure corrects skin undertones. The pigment is deposited through the lip using a lip tattooing pen with several small needles, throughout multiple sessions. 

Omuhle documented the procedure and how the healing process will be. "The aim of this process is specifically formulated to neutralize the lip colour and create a brighter and even tone." She said her lower lip's original colour was perfect. "I wanted the upper lip to match the lower lip and I wanted to create a gloss and go effect without having to use lipstick to even the lips."


She said it takes time to heal but is worth it. "After the procedure, there will be a reddish coral tone, but it will heal into a soft natural pink or red. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. The colour develops over eight to 10 weeks." Omuhle told ZiMoja that she believes if one is unhappy about a part of their body, they have every right to fix it to their liking. "Do you, as long as you are not harming anyone and it makes you feel good," she said. "Gone are the days when people used to hide that they have had some work done." She is not sure which other part of her body she would work on. "For now, I'm still content."

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